Dr. Chris Bang Sørensen

Post Doctoral Researcher

Chris Bang Sørensen, PhD, is currently doing research to contribute to the advancement of accessible healthcare technologies.

His M.Sc. in software engineering focused on how electroencephalography (EEG) and virtual reality (VR) as technologies could complement each other for research and healthcare. This focus on technologies in healthcare continued with his PhD work on the subject of user-operated audiometry.

Ensuring the future can hear

User-operated audiometry allows for parts of the diagnostic efforts in hearing healthcare to be performed by the patients themselves. This saves spending personnel resources for achieving equal results. Hearing loss can be caused by ageing, environmental noise exposure, genetic disorders, and infectious diseases. It is a disabling condition that becomes more prevalent as the population becomes older. In 2013, The World Health Organization estimated that 360 million people worldwide have a disabling hearing loss, and in 2021, the estimate was 466 million people. Rendering it vital to prepare to handle this global health crisis with the newest technological advancements: Virtual reality!

Research Interests

  • Medical technology in the hands of patients
  • Virtual Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence

Current projects

User-Operated Audiometry Project (UAud)

Chris is currently working as part of the UAud project. The UAud is an innovative venture exploring user-operated audiometry. Its research goals is to establish the medical efficacy of user-operated audiometry for hearing aid treatment, as well as to increase the technology readiness level of user-operated audiometry.

Read the ground-breaking paper on UAud here.


Android programming introduces the students to develop non-trivial applications for the Android OS using Java or Kotlin to build apps with either Android Studio or the Android SDK, as well as utilizing build-in sensors of a given device and SQLite for user data.

iOS programming teaches students to design, construct, develop and evaluate touch-based iOS applications, whilst making use of interface design, graphics, sound, network connections and device sensors.