MYRE teaching modules

MYRE DK-DE will result in at least 10 teaching modules, conducted at Regionales Berufsbildungszentrum Kiel, Svendborg Vocational Highschools (SESG), The University of Southern Denmark (SDU), and level-crossing with other educational institutions  in the local “education chains”. 

Some crucial principles are applied to the teaching modules. 

Each teaching module includes one or more emerging technologies. The project has specific focus on Metaverse with Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR, VR, XR), generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI), trade-specific robotics, and the potential of Quantum Technology (QT). 
All modules align with the ROBOdidactics framework but vary in duration, technologies, levels, and content.

A minimum of 400 students at different levels is intended to participate. Impacts on students and teachers are evaluated based on a quality assurance concept. The students provide feedback on their technological insights and competencies, their ability for relating the technologies to sustainability, and their career learning of educational pathways and job profiles with emerging technologies.

• The modules originate from local impulses, refined through mutual inspiration and reviews across the border. All teaching modules comply with the respective local frameworks.
• A student-centered and practice-based pedagogy enables the students to work with the technologies themselves as much as possible.
• Each module should align with at least one UN sustainability goal.
• The partners aim to adapt variations of their teaching modules in each their local “education chain”, collaborating with institutions across educational levels. Thus, the teaching modules are designed to be scalable and adaptable to different regulations, subjects, and levels.

The Danish and German partners collaborate on this work with mutual inspiration during the entire process. 

The tech-didactic model ROBOdidactics serves as a border-crossing and level-crossing framework for communicating, evaluating, and re-designing local teaching modules.   

Teaching modules 2024

Already during spring 2024, 11 teaching modules have been developed, whereof 10 have been implemented. 

In the educational programs

– DE gym ”With robotics on mission to Mars” & learning videos – Jan. 2024 
– DK HHX Svendborg  “AI-supported tools for marketing” – Feb.-March 2024 
– DK SDU “Semester projects with XR” – spring 2024 
– DK HTX Svendborg “VR glasses in biology lessons” – spring 2024 
– DK HHX Svendborg ”ChatGPT in the subject German language“ – March 2024 
– DK HHX Svendborg & SDU “Enjoy your exam!” VR & 360 degree cam – not realized


– DK HHX Svendborg/DE RBZ Kiel ”Across borders: digital learning”, Infostand Berlin stand – April 2024 

Level-crossing in the local ´education chains´

– DK SDU & UCL “XR in health education” – Feb. 2024 
– DK HTX Svendborg & Haahrs “Electric gokarts and Kinematics” – May 2024 
– DE RBZ Kiel & Gemeinschaftsschule ”Girls´ Day with Robotics” – Jan. 2024 
– DE RBZ Kiel & Fachhochschule Kiel “AR-illustrated posters: renewable energies” – Feb./March 2024