Realities Lab

Location: Maersk Mc-Kinney Moeller Institute, room Ø6-610-2
Contact: Gunver Majgaard

The Realities Lab is currently very barebones, some chairs and tables there, but will eventually become our new VR/AR space with permanent VR installations, a big wall-mounted display and a couch setup. The space is dedicated to GDLT, and is especially also a hangout/collaboration space for the BSc-students on the degree (MSc’s are also welcome but we are splitting up the two labs to avoid congestion. MSc students have Social Technologies Lab).

Social Technology Lab

Location: Maersk Mc-Kinney Moeller Institute, room Ø9-611-2
Contact: Anders Drachen

The STL lab is our old teaching lab. It was recently cleaned, old computers moved away and we are currently planning a refurbishment and various updates to the space. It will in the future become our creative space, ideal for e.g. paper-based prototyping. The lab is only accessible to GDLT students, and is dedicated to the MSc students as a place for collaboration and work (BSc’s are also welcome but we are splitting up the two to avoid congestion. BSc students have the Realities Lab).


Cyber-Physical Systems Lab

Location: The TEK building, room Ø28-604-1
Contact: Anders Drachen

The Cyberphysical Technologies Lab (our old ”Embedded lab”) is our old hardware teaching lab in the main TEK building. The lab is well suited for any low-voltage hardware and robotics work.

In order to access this lab, you need to have received a safety instruction for the lab itself, and a safety instruction in the use of electronics. All new students receive these on the first semester. If you wish to use the lab, and do not have the requires safety instructions, please contact Jacob Nielsen ( We cannot run safety courses all the time, but we can put you on a waiting list for the next course.

Robotics Lab – new shared lab with the Robotics group

Location: Pavillion 5 (behind the TEK building) , room Ø41-601a-0
Contact: Jacob Nielsen

The Robotics Lab is our new, larger version of the hardware lab, found in the ”hidden pavillions” behind the TEK building. The Robotics Lab is primarily used for teaching, but can also be approved for use with projects etc.

The Meta Space (”the hub”)

Location: Maersk Mc-Kinney Moeller Institute, room Ø15-611-1

This is not a lab, but a shared office space used by many of the staff associated with the GDLT programme. As such, we often har supervision meetings and other things going on here. You will here find Anders, Bjarke, Asge, Patricia, Marco, Chris and other folks. Gunver and Jacob have their offices in the same building:

Gunver’s office is: Ø10-612b-2

Jacob’s office is: Ø11-611a-2

Other Labs at SDU:

SDU hosts a number of other useful facilities, for example:

  • DevLab” is a laboratory run by students, located at SDU (TEK), with the aim of giving students an opportunity to prototype and use different facilities 24/7. It mainly consists of two different labs located in the TEK building: “Prototype Lab” and “VR lab”.
  • Prototype Lab” is a laboratory with many different machines that provide the opportunity to prototype different solutions. Below is a picture of the machines that are available 24/7.
  • VR-Lab” is a laboratory also located in the TEK building, with lots of different equipment that gives the opportunity to work with VR and mixed reality. Below is the equipment available in the VR lab.