Leading Europe's advanced digital skills by providing knowledge, guidance, and best practices to shape the digital future

Over the past decade, significant progress has been made in the areas of advanced technologies. This has created challenges where an individual’s level of digital skills influences their successful employment and engagement with society.

During the Covid19 pandemic, European member states made significant progress in their digitalisation efforts. However, Europe (EU) is still struggling to tackle the gaps in digital skills, ensuring access to high-quality digital training and skills for workers and citizens. The data of the 2022 DESI report show that only 54% of Europeans aged between 16-74 have at least basic digital skillsThe digital decade target is at least 80% of citizens by 2030. LeADS, in the context of the Digital Europe Programme, aims to deliver insights into the changing Advanced Digital Skills (ADS)demands within a dynamic technological development context and current digital transformation to equip the education and training communities by providing roadmaps and guidelines.

LeADS activities will ensure that all interventions related to advanced digital skills are in line with gaps present in the market, working closely with industries for the uptake of training, reskilling, and upskilling the workforce and communities.

Project contact: Jacob Nielsen

Project website: https://advancedskills.eu

Research topics: #ADS (Advanced Digital Skills), #ADS Education Mapping #Demand and Supply Mapping #Curriculum Design