Cross-national didactic workshop

ROBOdidactics under revision

In MYRE (2023 and beyond), the tech-didactic model ROBOdidactics serves as a common framework across education types and country broders to communicate, evaluate, and further develop teaching modules* with emerging technologies.

ROBOdidactics has been developed, tested, and reviewed across educational organizations and levels during a Southern Danish project series (2018-2022). 

It´s time for an update. More than 1,000 practitioners and experts have responded to the model over the past years. Good and relevant suggestions for a further development of the model have been mentioned regularly. First and foremost, the need for integrating an explicit focus on sustainability is becoming more and more urgent. Additionally, the Danish-German MYRE project prompts the integration of crossnational aspects in tech-didactic teaching modules.  

The workshop will be led by Gunver Majgaard, The University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and co-facilitated by project manager Regina Lamscheck-Nielsen.  The results from the workshop will be processed by researchers from SDU into a new version of ROBOdidactics 2.0.  

Preparation before the workshop is necessary – see below. 


The participants of the workshop are ´practitioners of expertise´ with didactic insight, such as experienced teachers , pedagogical coordinators, or managers with teaching background.

Representatives from the local education chains will be invited. 

Program, 19th Sept. 2024

The work will be undertaken in minor cross-national groups. 

Each of the groups will work with the 4 dimensions of ROBOdidactics: Teaching Design, Digital Production, Digital Literacy, Environment. Furthermore, general topics will be treated.

10.30 – 11.00 Introduction: Background, purpose, method

11.00 – 11.45  Work groups, round (1) 

11.45 – 12.15   Lunch

12.15 – 12.45  Work groups, round (2)

12.50 – 13.20  Work groups, round (3)

13.30 – 14.00 Work groups, round (4)

14.00 – 14.45  General topics, such as title, simplification of the layout, abbreviations, and other features

14.45 – 15.15   Conclusions, wrap-up

Practical information

RBZ Kiel will host the workshop. 

The workshop will take place in English. The German and Danish translations of the model can be used during the workshop to identify nuanced and precise terms. Thus, pls. bring the posters and roll-ups of the model, as far as available. 

Pls. sign-up only online and via the link provided from the project manager.  


Preparation is necessary to promote an efficient work flow. 

The participants will receive background materials before 15th July and are asked to having read them before the workshop. An overview will be published at Trello, too.

In addition, pls. bring your primary didactic model, if any, from your subject or school.  If possible, send information to the project manager beforehand. Other considerations are welcome, too. 


*Teaching modules in MYRE – about 

MYRE addresses digitalization in education by creating and implementing teaching modules that include emerging technologies.  These technologies are identified by experts as having a significant influence on our societies.

The teaching modules in MYRE vary in duration, technologies, levels, and content. 

The modules originate from local impulses, are refined through mutual inspiration and reviewed across the border. All teaching modules comply with the respective local frameworks.

Impacts on students and teachers are evaluated based on a quality assurance concept. The students provide feedback on their technological insights and competencies, their ability for relating the technologies to sustainability, and their career learning of educational pathways and job profiles with emerging technologies.