Events in MYRE DK-DE encompass a range of meetings and seminars:

  • Network meetings are  open to all project members, first and foremost teachers, managers and involved stakeholders: The purpose of the network meetings is to support  exchange among the participants and to promote the progression of the production.   
  • Workshops are optinal for project memebers according to their needs and interests: The purpose is to contribute with technological inspiration. Conducted as short-lasting webinars, or hybrid or with personal presence.  
  • Steering group meetings with participation of the local project managers: A decision-making forum to ensure quality and value-addition of the project.   
  • Events are open for the public and especially stakeholders. Results and methods are presented, and the purpose of the events is their broader implementation.  

We announce our meetings here, as they come up. The materials from the meetings and other information can be accessed via our internal project platform and the local project plans.